Sanitation and Toilet Management Workshop in WA Section, Khayelitsha
video September, 2022 Waste Management, Workshops
In August, PEP organised a sanitation & toilet management workshop for the community in WA Section, Khayelitsha, in preparation for the installation of a new toilet block. PEP has worked in the area with the WA community and the City of Cape Town since 2018. In the workshop, the ...
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The 5th Studio Collaboration between PEP and ACC: Learning and Building Relationships with Four Informal Settlements in Khayelitsha
May, 2022 Upgrading and Service Delivery, Workshops
“Go there with no expectations, go there to learn, not to impose. Don’t overpromise. Don’t promise at all. And find out how to get communities excited again, how to get them to work with you because they have been through so much, they are frustrated.” This is how two ...
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PEP Attends CSIR’s “Off the Wall” Conference
February, 2019 Workshops
By Noah Schermbrucker On February 7th and 8th PEP attended the CSIR‘s “Off the Wall” Conference in Pretoria. The event showcased innovative products and systems in the low-income housing sector with a wide-variety of company’s presenting products – from waterless sanitation to innovative building materials, fire extinguishers and sanitation ...
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Upscaling City-wide Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa: A Programme Management Toolkit for Metros in South Africa.
January, 2018 Upgrading and Service Delivery, Workshops
By Claire du Trevou:   In December 2017, the Cities Support Programme hosted a consultative workshop entitled “Upscaling City-wide Informal Settlement Upgrading in South Africa; A Programme Management Toolkit for Metros in South Africa” where the major South African Metros were introduced to the recently developed toolkit, which aims ...
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Vukuzenzele Mapping Workshop with UCT Environmental and Geographical Science Students
November, 2017 Workshops
By Emma Goodwin on behalf of People’s Environmental Planning:   Over the course of the last month, PEP organised a series of workshops with second year UCT environmental and geographical science students in Vukuzenzele. PEP has a long historical association with the residents of Vukuzenzele and our work in ...
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Youth Workshops in Vukuzenzele
image November, 2016 Workshops
Nick Talbot on behalf of People’s Environmental Planning.   Over the last 5 years PEP has provided socio-technical support to the residents of Vukuzenzele in order to facilitate the transfer of title of 236 houses to their respective owners. This was achieved through a close working relationship with the local committee ...
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