October, 2020 Waste Management

                                                             The Ou-Kamp committee in Struisbaai meets regularly to discuss development issues.                                                       Litter was identified as a problem and a clean-up organized.

Broken glass and human waste are a serious health risk to young children who also got involved in the clean-up.

Without proper waste  management strategies litter often re-appears despite community clean ups. This is the second clean-up in Ou Kamp.    

  The Cape Agulhas Municipality provides  wheelbarrow, rakes, gloves and litter bags.    

Claire Arendse (Environmental Affairs – Good Green Deeds) and Chris Riddles (CAM Solid Waste) work with informal communities to encourage recycling and clean-ups.

PEP team workshopping solid waste problems and ideas with the community and local officials. A municipal wide solid waste strategy is being targeted through the Informal Settlement Support Programme (ISSP). 

Problems identified by the stakeholders include: Grey water disposal, night bucket toilet system, dumping by neighbouring formal homeowners and seagulls and dogs rummaging through litter bags.

After the clean-up. The use of different coloured bins for recycling is encouraged.