PEP Attends CSIR’s “Off the Wall” Conference

February, 2019 Workshops

By Noah Schermbrucker

On February 7th and 8th PEP attended the CSIR‘s “Off the Wall” Conference in Pretoria. The event showcased innovative products and systems in the low-income housing sector with a wide-variety of company’s presenting products – from waterless sanitation to innovative building materials, fire extinguishers and sanitation friendly wheelchairs.

PEP’s material (and short presentation) focused on the pilot water saving’s project implemented in Ruo Emoh. Rather then focus on a specific technical system PEP looked to promote the concept of linking water savings mechanisms and systems to low-income housing projects – as to produce more sustainable and water friendly human settlements (especially in the context of water scarcity in South Africa).

At the event PEP was able to meet officials and representatives from various government departments including science and technology and water and sanitation. In addition we were able to network with CSIR officials as well as lecturers and staff from a number of university’s. The contacts made and lessons learnt will certainly expandPEP’s presence in the sector – linking our work with innovative projects in other parts of the country.