The city vision for Philippi : Where does informality fit in?
January, 2017 Opinion
By Claire du Trevou: “There is a distinct lack of an overarching ‘master plan’ of sorts for Philippi” 20 km outside of the Cape Town City centre, just south of the Cape Town International Airport, lies Philippi East; the Philippi Horticultural Area’s quiet, industrious neighbour. It’s not a well ...
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Are Planning and Land-use Management Policies in Cape Town Inherently Anti-Poor?
image January, 2017 Opinion
Noah Schermbrucker on behalf of People’s Environmental Planning (Opinion Piece): In the last few years a number of flash points have highlighted the unequal ways in which Cape Town continues to develop. Examples include the proposed eviction of tenants in Woodstock and the Council flats which, adjacent to De ...
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