There’s a way to sort out lighting in informal settlements
June, 2023 Opinion, Upgrading and Service Delivery
There’s a way to sort out lighting in informal settlements Solar powered public lights are better than high-mast lights, collaborative Cape Town project suggests By Noah Schermbrucker 23 June 2023 Solar-powered lights fixed onto the outside of shacks in informal settlements may be a better option than high-mast lights, ...
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Western Cape has tried a new approach to housing — and it’s bearing fruit
January, 2023 Housing, Opinion, Upgrading and Service Delivery
Western Cape has tried a new approach to housing. It’s bearing fruit The programme accepts that informal settlements are a major part of our cities By Noah Schermbrucker 13 January 2023 Over the past five years the Western Cape Department of Human Settlements has scaled up its support of ...
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Sanitation and Toilet Management Workshop in WA Section, Khayelitsha
video September, 2022 Waste Management, Workshops
In August, PEP organised a sanitation & toilet management workshop for the community in WA Section, Khayelitsha, in preparation for the installation of a new toilet block. PEP has worked in the area with the WA community and the City of Cape Town since 2018. In the workshop, the ...
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The 5th Studio Collaboration between PEP and ACC: Learning and Building Relationships with Four Informal Settlements in Khayelitsha
May, 2022 Upgrading and Service Delivery, Workshops
“Go there with no expectations, go there to learn, not to impose. Don’t overpromise. Don’t promise at all. And find out how to get communities excited again, how to get them to work with you because they have been through so much, they are frustrated.” This is how two ...
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October, 2020 Waste Management
                                                             The Ou-Kamp committee in Struisbaai meets regularly to discuss development issues.                  ...
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