ISSP Worcester (upcoming)

Following the successful conclusion of 3 previous contracts with the WCDHS, PEP was appointed by the client to embark on a further ISSP contract in an informal settlement known as Zwelethemba, situated in Worcester in the Western Cape.

Although this appointment does not include an enumeration, it is still multi-faceted and includes the following tasks:

  1. Establishing community participation structures
  2. Form a Social Compact
  3. Sustainable Livelihood and Upgrade Plan
  4. Stakeholder communication strategy and continuity plan
  5. Community participatory planning workshops to support incremental upgrading
  6. Develop a relocation strategy together with the residents
  7. Capture and count all structures
  8. Develop a re-blocking strategy with both the residents and municipal officials

All of the above tasks are essentially related to community capacitation and bringing the residents into the formulation of their own future upgrading plans.  In addition, for the residents to understand budgets and time frames and for the municipal officials to understand the needs (and frustrations) of the residents.  PEP believes that this approach is imperative in fostering improved working relationships between residents of informal settlements and municipal officials.