Spatial Inclusion

Spatial Inclusion

Settlement unblocking

Community-driven re-organisation of structures, spaces, and pathways in informal settlements to create space for municipal services and incremental in-situ upgrading.

Upgrading planning

Working closely with municipalities and communities to develop incremental, long-term upgrading plans to incrementally transform informal, spatially excluded communities into viable and robust human settlements.

Relocation Management

Negotiating the relocation and re-organisation of informal structures with communities and officials to create space for formal services and incremental upgrading.

Project Packaging & Submission

Supporting municipal officials to package and submit proposals to the Upgrading Informal Settlements Programme and other relevant programmes and funding sources.

Policy Input & Advocacy

Providing input into national policies spanning informal settlement upgrading – including housing, water and sanitation, electricity, and other relevant infrastructure.

Technical Support & Project Management

Provide architectural, engineering, and planning services for infrastructure and housing projects to promote a people-centred, community-driven approach.