Napier Informal Settlement Upgrade

Following the enormous strides made during the initial phase of the ISSP contract in Cape Agulhas Municipality, PEP, together with the official of CAM, decided to extend this relationship in an attempt to convert some of the social gains, into physical improvements.  Because of the manageable size of Napier, together with the commitment of both the residents and the municipal officials, it was decided to focus on Napier as a “pilot”.  After workshopping the residents, they identified certain areas that they felt were a priority within their settlement.  Due to budget constraints, the upgrading was limited to the construction of a pedestrian bridge and brick-paved pathways to ease the residents access into town.

A partnership agreement, signed off by the local Council, was created between CAM, PEP and the residents.  A local contractor was appointed to train and oversee the residents, to undertake the work themselves.  The municipality contributed both plant, materials and oversight, as their contribution towards this project.  PEP provided design input, as well as financial & socio-technical support.  This was acknowledged by the residents who contributed their time, input & sweat equity.

PEP is now in the process of establishing an ongoing maintenance programme between the municipality and the residents, to ensure the longevity of this work.  Having prepared the groundwork through the initial part of the programme, PEP has also encouraged both parties to continue their partnership in other areas and thus strengthen the existing relationship between the two parties.