Data Mapping

Data Mapping


Implementing settlement-wide enumerations encompassing numbering, mapping and structure counts linked to digital (GIS) maps and specific upgrading priorities and outcomes. Today, PEP has enumerated over 10,000 informal structures using the latest drone technology and creating local employment opportunities for urban poor residents.

Service Mapping

Mapping of services in informal settlements to identify shortfalls and foster community driven management, maintenance and ownership systems saving the state time, money, and resources.

Informal Settlement Registries

Using enumerations, GIS mapping and local human capital to create a system for municipalities to accurately track new structures, arrivals, and departures in informal settlements. A settlement registry assists with future project planning, service provision and creating tenure security systems for residents.

Data Analysis

Analysis of enumeration data to identify key information that requires immediate interventions and can be included in longer-term upgrading plans. Enumeration, and subsequent analysis of data collected, form the basis for community-driven upgrading plans.