Since being established in 1998 PEP has worked with informal communities to design, implement and manage the provision of housing and basic services in a manner that places people at the center of their own development. PEP’s focus is on rebuilding the social compact between informal citizens and local government through practical, on the ground, partnerships.


The 5th Studio Collaboration between PEP and ACC: Learning and Building Relationships with Four Informal Settlements in Khayelitsha

“Go there with no expectations, go there to learn, not to impose. Don’t overpromise. Don’t promise at all. And find out how to get communities excited again, how to get them to work with you because they have been through so much, they are frustrated.” This is how two of PEP’s community facilitators, Dolly Mdzanga-Fanaphi […]


                                                             The Ou-Kamp committee in Struisbaai meets regularly to discuss development issues.                              […]

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