WA Section Medium Density Housing

WA section is in Khayelitsha. It comprises of approximately 70 dense informal structures. PEP contacted the community in 2018 and sanitation was identified as a pressing concern with no toilets located in the settlement. Due to its dense nature, no space for toilets existed in WA section and PEP negotiated with two structure owners to move as to create space for toilets. With the assistance of a local builder two medium-density (double story) zinc and wood structures were built to accommodate the families displaced. Even though the prime focus of PEP’s work in WA is providing an alternative sanitation solution, the organisation applied several design and strategic principles to the structures such as: multi-story as to address density, using locally sourced material and labour and keeping costs low (many “improved” shacks end up costing as much as a subsidy house!). The owners remain happy with their structures and the community reports that several people have inquired about the cost of building such a structure for themselves.