ISSP Bitou

PEP was contracted by the WCDHS to provide ISSP support to the Bitou Municipality. Unlike in CAM this was a highly disorganised and problematic municipality in constant conflict with Informal Communities(protests blocking the N2 were common). Like in CAM PEP provided ISSP support – leadership establishment, training, enumeration and upgrading plans. Unlike in CAM municipal officials did not support PEP’s approach with the Municipal department being poorly managed and under-resourced and mired with internal political conflicts. Given this atmosphere, PEP supported the community (with data, upgrading plans and leadership training) to hold the Municipality to account for improved service delivery and communication. Upon completing the contract PEP presented all its findings, and the above institutional analysis, to the WCDHS with the hope that they would exercise oversight over this poorly performing Municipality. To date the situation remains dire with Informal residents suffering due to the Municipality’s incapacities.