ISSP Villiersdorp Enumeration

In late 2019 PEP successfully tendered for a contract with WCDHS to implement enumerations in Villiersdorp, Theewaterskloof Municipality (TWK). This involved a full enumeration of 8 informal settlements using technical innovation. PEP started work in early 2020 and concluded the enumeration in December 2020 covering 3701 structures. The work involved recruiting local mappers, numberers, and enumerators to map and survey all structures and upload data using tablets and phones. At the back end, the PEP CT office provided technical support as to check data, troubleshoot problems and produce maps and datasets of the enumeration data collected. The contract was a steep learning curve for PEP and assisted the organisation in refining its approach to enumeration as to develop a system that can be replicated efficiently in other settlements.

On conclusion of the contract in February 2022 PEP made several presentations on the scope of data collected and its applicability to the TWK Municipality and WCDHS. One positive outcome from these presentations was that PEP identified two settlements and over 2000 people using the “bucket system” – holding this mirror up to the Municipality in a public forum catalysed quick action with applications already made by TWK for interim services. Enumeration information can be an extremely powerful tool for holding municipalities to account – and arming communities with negotiating power. PEP hopes to deploy the skills learnt in Villiersdorp for future contracts and projects.